Welcome to First Steps Enterprise

First Steps supplies quality staff for children’s centres, schools, community organisations, and others, and operates footprints@ childcare settings.

Our staff work in services run by children’s centres and others, for children aged under 5 and their families.

Our footprints@ childcare settings place child and family at the heart of all they do.

Our aim is that these staff add value to the vital work undertaken by children’s centres and other organisations through our childcare services and provide quality care in the home environment through our nanny services.

We seek to supply excellent childcare provision though our footprints@ childcare settings.

We strive to provide a quality, competitive service which meets the needs of centres and others and work within the Early Years Stage Foundation.

We seek to adhere to and encourage equality of opportunity and diversity in our work and how we operate.

We also provide programme management, and consultancy, learning and other associated services.

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